C.33 NOVIK Tube saver PRO for E88CC 6N2P 6N6 ECC83 82,81,12AX7, 6922, 6DJ8 6N30P-DR


New Series of savers for 12AX7 12AU7 12AT7 ECC81 ECC82 7025 CV4003 CV4004 5751 5814 6021 ECC88  6N2 6N1 6N6,ECC88,6922,6DJ8,ECC85,6N11,6N30P-DR etc

Such contacts have a resource ten times greater than a standard panel

The original combination of two ceramic panels of different types, produced in the USSR at military factories

Contacts are really silver plated from a very high quality material (they can withstand a lot of installation cycles) (silver plated 6 micron bronze contacts ( BrOF6,5-0 15))

Gold pins are used

PСB boards are not used!

Applied duplication of each contact

The customer can choose the height of the aluminum cap (Nameplate) from 55mm 70mm 75mm

Collapsible design - service is possible in case of deformation of a thin pin (1mm)

Unfortunately, pin deformation is a common case when incorrect installation by an inexperienced user.

And no parts from China 

100% handmade






11,99 USD