C.7 NOVIK Tube Converter PRO 55mm adapter 5687 TO(instead) 6SN7 6SL7

New Series of converters 5687  to (instead) 6SN7,ECC33, 6N8  with metal TUBE Socket base military panel PK-3 and special 9 pin ceramic panel PL9-2K and aluminum insulating shield 55mm

(Other sizes of shield's is available in another our listings 55,70,75mm)

military acceptance collet type silver plated 6 micron bronze contacts ( BrOF6,5-0 15)

Such contacts have a resource ten times greater than a standard panel


Can be used upside down !!!


All connections are internally between contacts with specially coated 0.8mm copper wire

And no parts from China 

100% handmade







13,99 USD